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AT in the Community
Missouri Foundation for Health
Community Receptivity
Influence of Wheelchairs
Personal Assistance Services
Ergonomic Solutions for Employment

Educational Conference

AT Outcome Measurement: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?

October 17 19, 2002 Hosts: Washington University and Paraquad
St. Louis, Missouri

Thursday October 17, 2002

Katherine Seelman

Importance of Improved AT Outcome Measures to US Policy on People with Disabilities

What We Know Now

Gerry Hendershot

Who uses AT?

Dawn Carlson

AT Users Descriptions

Jeff Jutai

Psychosocial Impact of AT

Louise Demers

Characteristics of AT

Tom Armstrong

Ergonomic Approaches

Lee Kirby

Wheelchair Skills Assessment

Keynote Speaker:
Desleigh de Jonge

AT in Australia:Downunder Outcome Measures


Friday October 18, 2002

Project Descriptions and Progress

Frank DeRuyter

Outcome Measurements

Roger Smith

The ATOMS Project

Patricia Yeager

The Role of People with Disabilities in the Conduct of Research on AT

David B. Gray

Mobility AT and Outcome

Bill Mann

AT and Aging

Dawn Carlson

New Projects Description


AT and People with Disabilities: Involvement in Research on AT

Cyndi Jones & Bill Stothers

Importance of Extracting AT Research News

Glen White

IL Partnerships

Elizabeth Pifer & Michael Blatchford

Providing AT in Rural Settings

Alexandra Enders

What is the Role of Research in Changing System?

Betty Jo Berland & Darren Jernigan

New Freedom Initiatives Assistive Technology, Current Legislation, and What You Can Do to Make it Happen


Saturday October 19, 2002

Assistive Technology and Consumer Issues

The Good, the Bad, and the Possible: Solutions for Improving AT

Robert Funk


David Newburger

Legislative Wins and Losses Solutions for Improving AT

Marty Exline

More Legislation Initiatives , MO AT Council& MO AT Project

Lance W. Carluccio

AT for Placement or a Career

Betty Gahn

AT for Employment

Marcia Scherer

Assessing for AT


Workshops on AT Fit, Effects & Funding

Rick Liston

Assessments for Mobility Devices for Children

Scott Lopez

Assessments for Mobility Devices for Adults

Richard May

Adapted Vehicles for Mobility Impaired/Limited People

Cheryl Livingston

Augmentative Communication Devices

Dan Wagner

Seating and Seating Systems for Mobility Impaired/Limited

Mike Bender

Computer Access for People with Impairments and Limitations

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