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The Community Health Environment Checklist (CHEC) is an objective assessment of physical environmental features and asks the basic question: "Can a person with a disability get in, do what they need to do, and get out without much difficulty?". The survey includes a glossary of terms and a rule book with pictures to demonstrate how measurements are taken. 

The first CHEC developed was designed to assess a general building for maneuverability of people with mobility impairments and, subsequently, is called the Community Health Environment Checklist/Mobility (CHEC/M). Today, CHECs are currently being developed and tested that assess the accessibility of general buildings for people with low vision and people who are hard of hearing.

Learn more about the Community Health Environment Checklist/Low Vision (CHEC/LV) and the Community Health Environment Checklist/Hard of Hearing (CHEC/HOH).


Additionally, other versions of the CHEC have been developed to assess specific buildings in the community. Some of these CHECs include questions that ask about the accessibility of features that will assist in the participation of people with low vision or people who are hard of hearing.

Learn more about the Community Health Environment Checklist: SPECIFIC SITES.

Testing and validation of the CHEC/M can be read about in the article entitled: Development of a measure of receptivity of the physical environment (Stark, S., Hollingsworth, H.H., Morgan, K.A., & Gray, D.B. 2007. Disability and Rehabilitation, 29(2), 123-137.)


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A sample page from the CHEC:

page from the CHEC