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  • International Destinations

    Able to Go (United Kingdom)
    Resource on information about Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Self Catering, Caravans and Holiday Centers to those with mobility difficulties visiting the UK.

    Access Aloha Travel
    A full service travel agency in Waikiki, Hawaii specializing in travel for people with disabilities.

    Access Bermuda
    Assists visitors with disabilities and their families visiting Bermuda in ensuring the best possible vacation experience.

    Access Brisbane
    A guide to access and facilities for people with disabilities.

    Access Melbourne
    Information about Melbourne’s accessibility and facilities.

    Access Singapore
    Guide to accessible places in Singapore.

    Access to Travel (Canada)
    Source of accessible transportation information across Canada.

    Accessible Europe: Tourism 4 All
    A pool of European travel agents with expertise in accessible tourism services for people with special needs. Contains info on various countries and their accessibility.

    Accessible Japan
    A travel guide for wheelchair users to Japan.

    Accessible Rotterdam
    Information on the accessibility and functionality of buildings in Rotterdam.

    Accessible Switzerland
    Accessible travel resources for Switzerland.

    Accessible Travel in Australia
    Travel tips, Australian travel information, accessible international travel, accessible Australian travel accommodations, & accessible Australian sights/attractions.

    Aruba: Travelers with Disabilities
    Leasing/renting medical or home health care products, hotels and properties that provide services for travelers with disabilities.

    Baan Khun Daeng: Accessible holidays in Northern Thailand
    Information on the accessibility (e.g. detailed facility info, tours, activities, etc.) of Thailand.

    Bay Island Beach Resort (Honduras)
    An accessible resort for wheelchair divers.

    Bermuda’s Accessibility & Services for Handicapped and Disabled
    Information on almost all services and accessible facilities in Bermuda.

    Egypt for All
    Specialized travel program for people with disabilities. – Travelers with Disabilities
    Accessible facilities, transportation, “Sea Without Barriers”

    Israel for All
    Accessible culture and recreation opportunities in Israel, tours, accommodations, services for people with disabilities, additional services, tips, and links.

    Links to International Disability Sites

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    USA Destinations

    Accessible Alaska Adventures Alaska Welcomes You!, Inc.
    Information on travel and cruises in Alaska.

    Accessible San Diego
    Information about the accessibility of San Diego, CA for visitors/residents (e.g. accessible hotels, events, tours & transportation, dollar saving specials, access news, etc.)

    Access Northern California: Ramping the way to accessible travel
    Accessible tourism and recreation information for Northern California.

    Big Apple Greeter
    New York City’s Access Program for people with disabilities; contains information on the accessibility of NYC.
    Washington, DC, MD, & VA's Online Disability Information Resource

    Easter Seals Project ACTION: National Accessible Travelers Database
    Assist travelers with disabilities seeking accessibility in transportation at destinations across the U.S.

    Guide to Atlanta for People with Disabilities
    A resource to find disability-specific services and locate accessible sites to visit and enjoy in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Walt Disney World: Information for Guests with Mobility Disabilities
    Information on transportation, wheelchair rental, access, & mainstream queues.

    Wilderness Inquiry
    Outdoor adventure experiences for everyone (canoe, sea kayak, dogsled, raft, horse pack, hiking trips).

    Wilderness Inquiry: Minnesota’s Accessibility Guidebook
    Provides public information about the accessibility of outdoor elements such as trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, playgrounds, parking lots, fishing stations, restrooms and access routes to these facilities.

    World on Wheels: Accessible Travel Information Website
    Information on people’s experiences with accessible public transportation, hiking trails, Top 5 Destinations, and links.

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    Travel Tips & Resources

    Access-Able Travel Source
    Info. & resources for travel with special need; disability magazines; access guides for cities, resorts & attractions; scooter/wheelchair rentals, accessible transportation, etc.

    Access-Ability: Travel Page
    Travel contacts, agents, and links.

    Access for Disabled Americans
    Travel tips for the wheelchair traveler.

    Accessible Adventure Travel
    Accessible African safaris and worldwide adventure travel advice for wheelchair users and physically disabled people.

    Accessible Journeys: “Accessible Travel Resources”
    Accessible travel resources & access guides for barrier-free vacations.

    CareCure Community: SCI community forums: Sports & Travel
    A community discussion forum for people with spinal cord injuries.

    Cornucopia of Disability Information: Traveling with a Disability
    Resources for travelers with disabilities, publications, and international travel links.
    Government webpage with info on plane and train travel for people with disabilities.

    Disability Travel and Recreation Resources
    Info. on travel planning, travel companions, destinations, transportation, air travel, books to buy, etc.

    Resource dedicated to accessible travel info. (e.g. travel agents, tour operators, adventure travel companies, accessible cruise specialists, accessible van & equipment rentals, travel companions, home exchanges, access guides)

    Emerging Horizons: Accessible Travel News
    Consumer-oriented magazine about accessible travel for people with mobility impairments (access info, resources, news and travel tips).

    Gimp on the Go: The Internet’s Premier Disabilities Travel Publication
    Travel reviews, Tips & Shorts, Resources, Bulletin Boards, etc.

    Moss Rehab Resource Net: Accessible Travel
    Comprehensive links on accessible travel.

    Rebecca’s Travels: Travel Information for the Mobility Impaired
    Info on writer’s experiences to various travel destinations and links to resources.

    Rolling Rains Report
    Precipitating dialogue on travel, disability and universal design.

    Scootaround Mobility Product Rentals: Travel Tips
    Contains airline, cruise, and train travel tips. Scootaround also provides scooter and wheelchair rentals across North America.

    Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
    Travel tips & access information, resources, facts, laws, regulations, etc.

    The Savvy Traveler: Disability Travel Resources
    Links and resources for traveling with a disability.

    Travel Access Services Corp.: Accessibility Data You Need!
    Resource for obtaining critical and detailed accessibility info when planning travel, interactive database, and travel guide.

    Traveling in a Wheelchair Doesn't Have to be Limiting (newspaper article)

    Wired on Wheels [WOW!]
    Restaurant accessibility reviews.

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    Specific Modes of Travel


    United Spinal Association: Accessible Air Travel
    Contains information on making reservations, getting to the airport, boarding the airplane, and handling violations.

    Department of Transportation: Aviation Consumer Protection Division
    Information for the air traveler with a disability (e.g. planning a trip, at the airport, getting on/off plane, on the plane, compliance procedures).


    Greyhound: Customers with Disabilities
    Information on traveling with disabilities via Greyhound bus.


    Accessible R.V. Park List

    Handicapped Travel Club, Inc.
    A travel club encouraging RV travel for people with disabilities. Resources for disabled RVers.

    A Quick Checklist for RV Accessibility


    Accessible Alaska Adventures Alaska Welcomes You!, Inc.
    Information on travel and cruises in Alaska.

    Cruise Critic: Disabled Cruising
    Best cruises for persons with disabilities, info on cruising with a disability, & Disabled Cruise Travel forum.


    Jubilee Sailing Trust
    Aims to promote the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing.


    VIA Rail Canada: Your Special Needs
    Information for traveling via train across Canada, services for your special needs, accessibility, and special requests.

    Amtrak: Special Needs & Accessibility
    Info on making reservations for accessible space, what to expect at the station, wheelchairs, service animals, thruway motorcoach service accessibility, & meal service.

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    Accessible Travel Organizations & Tours

    Accessible Alaska Adventures Alaska Welcomes You!, Inc.
    Information on travel and cruises in Alaska.

    Accessible Kiwi Tours (New Zealand)
    Tour organization for travelers with disabilities to New Zealand.

    Accessible Lisbon
    A tourism company set up to offer innovative and quality tourism in Portugal, accessible to people with reduced mobility, or in wheelchairs.

    Accessible Vacation Home Exchange
    A vacation service for swapping homes with other persons who have similar needs in other parts of the world.

    Alternative Leisure Co. & Trips Unlimited
    Provides recreation and travel for people with disabilities; assist in planning and travel.

    Compi Tours (South Africa)
    Specialize in taking people with physical disabilities on safari tours through parts of South Africa.

    Connie George Accessible Travel Associates
    Specializes in resort package, tour and cruise vacation planning for wheelchair users, slow walkers, deaf and non-disabled travelers.

    Endeavour Safaris: Adventure Travel for the Physically Challenged
    Offer a variety of tours and safaris in Southern Africa for people with physical disabilities

    Epic Enabled (South Africa)
    Offers family friendly, wheelchair accessible, overland camping & adventure safari holidays in Southern Africa to the traveler with disabilities.

    Flying Wheels Travel
    A full service travel agency specializing in travel for persons with disabilities, escorted tours outside the US (mainly in Europe and Middle East), cruises, and customized itineraries.

    Regency San Marino srl – H–Travel Department: Accessible Italy
    Italian tour operator offers specialized travel to foreigners, individual and group tours.

    Rolling South Africa: Accessible African Travel
    Organization providing tours of various locations in Africa to persons with disabilities.

    SE Unlimited Travel
    Full-service travel agency offering customized travel services both for independent clients and groups, as well as those with “Special Needs”.

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    Accessible Travel Books & Guides

    Accessible Connecticut

    Access San Francisco

    Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts & Bolts Guide for Wheelers & Slow-walkers

    Barrier Free Travel in Hawaii

    Barrier Free Travel in New York City

    Disappearing Windmills

    Handicapped in Walt Disney World: A Guide for Everyone

    Philadelphia ArtReach
    Accessible arts and special audience entertainment in Philadelphia and tri-state area.

    Rick Steves’ Easy Access Europe 2004: A Guide for Travelers with Limited Mobility

    Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality: Books, Access Guides, & Brochures
    Links and references for accessible travel resources.

    The 2005 Washington, DC Access Guide

    Traveling…Like Everybody Else: A Practical Guide for Disabled Travelers

    Wheelchairs on the Go

    Wheelchair Travel through Europe, by Annie Mackin

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